A lot of the time, pornography is viewed in secret (or in the dark).  For healing and cleansing to take place from the chains of pornography (or any sexual sin), there can’t be secrets (things need to be in the light).


One must confess that pornography is even a problem before they can find true healing and cleansing.  That is why knowing the truth about porn is so important.  Truth sets one free.  We want to help men, students, and families experience the truth of the gospel so they can walk in freedom, specifically from the chains of pornography (or other forms of idolatry holding them down). 

At calebmicah.org, we have the opportunity every week to meet with men or male students in a one to one context to help them come to places of confession on their way to experiencing truth.  We also get the chance to travel and speak to groups at churches, schools, and camps and speak on this issue as well.

CALEBMICAH.ORG would love the chance to come speak at your church, school, or camp to help your men, students, and families find cleansing and healing from the chains of pornography..  Give us a shout by clicking on the contact button below.